Welcome to USA Caribbean Network wealth building community.

For participants living in the Bahamas, USA, Europe, Aisa, Africa or Middle East where we have our virtual offices for our business network. 

We are building partnerships with entrepreneurs across the globe.

UCN Wealth Building Community

Here is a brief understanding of how the community works for members.

UCN used it's net profits from the sale of 1,000 stores open several businesses and then contribute all it's from all 100 businesses and the 35% net profits from all 1,000 virtual stores up to $3 Millions is deposited into a central account called "The Community Fund" Which is then split for three groups
- Community Builders (Managing partners)
- Community Membership FREE with store purchase.
- Rewards token fund for all users and member

UCN owners or investors does not get any equity payout of the net profits from the community until after the community fund exceed $3 million.

UCN expect the full build out of it's community network by 2025.

UCN Marketing Presentation Pie Chart

UCN will open 100 additional businesses for our members to get equity in and earn residual income from and employment opportunity. 

Monthly Business Expo
Joint Venture Business
Contracting Services
Business Credit Setup
Tech Company
Medical Office
Real Estate Acquisition
Franchise Acquisitions
VIP Events
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